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[The books referred to in parentheses in the following essay were all written by Neale Donald Walsch, and full bibliographic information about them is given at the end of this essay.]

The key to understanding Neale Donald Walsch is to realize that he is part of the New Thought movement.  His ideas are very similar to other writers in this movement such as Rhonda Byrne, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and Terry Cole-Whittaker.  Nothing is paradoxical or unusual in his writings once one understands this larger movement and its idea of our relationship with the Divine.  [This site contains an essay on the origins of New Thought, an essay on its basic teachings and an essay on its problems.  All of these essays are in the History of Ideas section.]

What is unusual and interesting about Walsch is that he is very  worried our civilization is in a deep crisis (CW2, p.138-140), and he expands basic New Thought ideas to offer a solution to  the crisis.  This crisis is so severe in his opinion that we are years, not decades, from collapse. (NR, p.  ix)  The purpose of his books is to raise collective consciousness to avert this crisis. (CW2, p. 256)  He is to be commended for being one of the few New Thought teachers who focus on our civilization’s troubles, especially as he says his audience hates it when he talks about  politics and are often infuriated with him. (F, p. 379-380)

While Walsch thinks there is an impending crisis, he is very hopeful.  He says “the world could change overnight” if we could change our consciousness. (CW2, p. 260)  We do not have to wait for the whole society or government to change.  Individuals can change first and then help other individuals change.  Eventually, there will be enough individuals with the new, more connected consciousness that finally a critical mass of people will emerge and society as a whole will change.  [The critical mass is around 3%  of all people. (T, p. 17)]   Walsch is such an optimist that this change will not take centuries, but only decades or even just years. (T, p. 215)

According to Walsch, the core problem causing our crisis is the mistaken ideas organized religions teach us about God. (NR, p. 29-30)  We are actually one with God and with all life, but organized religions do not want us to know this as priests want control.  They would not have this control if we knew about the power within us through our connection to God. (H, p. 168)

Walsch says that people do not experience separateness from God on their own.  Instead people believe they are separate from God because religion tells them so. (NR, p. 186)  People forget their connection to God as they are taught they do not have any inner connection to the divine separate from the religious authorities. (T, p. 142)

Walsch says that our science, math, medicine, technology, philosophy and psychology have all changed to keep up with the times, but  our religious ideas have not. (T, p. 213 & NR, p. 176)  So the root of our civilization’s crisis is that we suffer from outmoded religious ideas that lead people to hurt each other and the planet.  Walsch says that people “plunder the Earth, rape her of her resources, exploit her people, and systematically disenfranchise those who disagree with you.” (CW2, p. 172)

Walsch says that either we keep religious fundamentalism or we have new spiritual revelations. (NR, p. 64)  As religious fundamentalism is the root cause of our civilization’s crisis, he thinks we need a new spiritual revelation: his books, which he claims are channeled from God.   He says that this new revelation in his books will expand the insights of religions; it will not reject their insights, but rejuvenate them. The world must create a New Spirituality.  Not something to completely replace the old, but something to refresh it.  Not something to reduce the old, but something to expand it. Not something to subvert the old, but something to support the best of it.” (NR, p. 177)  His revelation will be a higher synthesis of the old religions and new insights we need to keep up with the times.  This new revelation will not  say that people were wrong in their earlier understanding of previous revelations.  It will say, “You simply didn’t have a complete understanding.  You needed more information. Transcending current beliefs is not an outright rejection of them; it is an ‘adding to’ them. Now that you have more information that you can add to what you presently believe, you can enlarge your beliefs – not completely reject them, enlarge them – and move on with your lives in a new way.” (NR, p. 9) This new synthesis will work by keeping people focused on the core principles in their religious traditions and stop them from quarreling over the minor points or fine print. (T, p. 233)   

The core point of Walsch’s new spiritual revelation is that God is life, and we are God. (QA, p. 195)  This realization of oneness has tremendous practical ramifications as it means that what you do for another, you do for self and vice versa. (CW1, p. 131)  In this higher state of awareness, he says you will lose your selfishness as someone else’s interests are now seen as your own interests. (CW2, 141)  Furthermore once you see others as you, you will not do harmful things to them as you are them, and you don’t do harmful things to yourself. (T, p. 72-3)

In this new society there will be a shift in consciousness so that  everyone will share everything equally, and thus there will not be any private property. (CW3, p. 287 & 294-5)  In a really advanced society, there will not even be personal pronouns as there will not even be the concept “yours” or “mine.” (CW3, p. 306-7)  Sometimes he says there will be private property, but there will not be a need for taxes.  Why not?  He says people will contribute freely to the common good as we are all one.  He says that “not contributing to the Fund for the Common Good would be like cheating on yourself.  What good would that do?” (T, p. 270)

In this new society, people would never let other people starve as we would never do that to ourselves. (QA, p. 156-7)  Moreover, there will not be competition, as when one person loses, we all lose as we are one. (CW3, p. 302)

Skeptics might think that some people will take advantage of the situation as in communism.  Walsch responds that his system is much different than communism because in that system people were forced to share.  In his system, the sharing in society comes about not from force, but from a change in consciousness.   His theory is grounded in the belief that when a critical mass of people realize we are all one, it brings change in everyone.

Still Walsch thinks that sometimes people will do less than ideal actions.  He says that if someone is a welfare cheat, you do not stop helping them as God’s goodness, patience and love (and hence ours as we are God) is never ending. (CW2, p. 170-1)  If people do other harmful things, there will not be any punishment.  He says that “the idea of punishment is simply not something that occurs to them [people living in advanced societies], because the concept of punishment itself is incomprehensible to them.  Why would the One Being want to hurt Itself?  Even if It has done something that is damaging, why would It want to hurt Itself again?  How does hurting Itself  once more correct the damage of the first hurt? It’s like stubbing one’s toe, then kicking twice as hard to retaliate.“ (CO, p. 151)

The essence of Walsch’s vision is that  we are all one with God and one another; once we realize this, we will change and treat each other well.  He is to be respected for bringing into New Thought a new dimension of social concern and trying to develop a vision of how people who take New Thought seriously will bring about social change.


The first problem with his social vision is that he says we will never do bad things to others as you don’t do bad things to yourself.  Unfortunately, this is just untrue: we do bad things to ourselves all the time.  Vast numbers of people consume harmful or dangerous food because it tastes yummy or smoke cancer causing cigarettes because they enjoy it.  Or we just have to look at the problems people have with drugs to know that this idea that people don’t harm themselves is simply not true.

His whole oneness approach will not solve the problem he thinks it will because most people don’t treat themselves that well, so there is no reason to think they will treat others well even if they think the others are themselves.

The second problem is his belief in how these ideas will come about in society.  He says that when enough individual people share his ideas, a critical mass will be reached which will create a force field of some type so that everyone in society will share this belief.  He says that “as more and more people are awakening… that number will reach critical mass, and the so-called Hundredth Monkey theory will play out its effect.  That is, everyone at once will know and understand.” (QA, p. 240)

The idea of this kind of force field is very popular in the New Age movement.  Maharishi Mahesh Yogi says that when enough people meditate, peaceful and calm vibrations are sent out so there is less crime and terrorism in the area.  And Rupert Sheldrake refers to this idea as morphogenetic fields.  But the most popular way of phrasing this concept is the hundredth monkey.  While Walsch finds this a hopeful concept, unfortunately for him, the hundredth monkey and related phenomena have been thoroughly debunked by researchers and scientists.   [The present site has a larger essay on the problems with the hundredth monkey idea.]

So the theoretical foundations of his solution do not work.   Things will not suddenly change radically for the better when we think of others as ourselves.   If we want to change our civilization, we have to look for a different approach than Walsch’s.

While Walsch’s basic vision is flawed, his discussions about religion contain some basic misconceptions that many modern spiritual people share and so it is useful to discuss them.

The first misconception is that he overestimates religion’s effect on our lives.  He says that our whole culture emerged from religion. (T, p. 115)  But there are lots of other influences on our culture such as philosophy, science and our theory of human nature.  The philosophy behind capitalism did not emerge from religion.  Adam Smith was very much influenced by Stoic philosophy and his theory of human nature, but he was not much influenced by religion.  His theory of capitalism came from a theory of human nature that says we are selfish creatures but the Deist God arranged things in such a way that our selfishness works for the good of all in the long run.

Walsch has a theory of human nature where we are good and part of God.  So he says that it is hard for us to kill one another as it goes against every instinct  we have.  So why do we kill each other?  Not because we are greedy or lustful or want more land or because we are selfish by nature.  No, according to Walsch, it is due to organized religion brainwashing us that it is okay to kill.  Organized religion has reorganized our thoughts so that we think killing is okay. (NR, p. 206-7)  Killing did not start because I wanted your pretty wife or your clean cave, it started because of organized religion.

Walsch seems naïve to think religion is the only important negative force in our lives.   He is neglecting selfishness, lust and our other lower base desires.  But his position follows from the basic tenets of New Thought: it says we are one with God and does not really believe we suffer from bad past karma, sinful nature or lower personality desires that significantly push us away from God.

New Thought does not believe in evil, but for Walsch, organized religion becomes the functional equivalent of evil.  He teaches that we are one with God and would continue to have this oneness, except for organized religion.  This scapegoating of organized religion makes it basically equivalent to the Christian devil.  (Except the Christians are more sophisticated and do not give all the power to the devil as our lower base urges also play a major part in our troubles.)

The second misconception is that he does not understand how religious change happens and how much religions have changed throughout history.  Religions change tremendously, but Walsch does not notice the change because the religions keep the same holy books.  They change by interpreting their book differently or putting more emphasis on another part of the book.  So in America in the mid-1800s, slavery was a major problem.  There are many passages in the Bible that, if interpreted literally, support keeping slaves.  The Southerners interpreted these passages literally and held up the Bible as supporting slavery.  In order to abolish slavery, the Northerners did not need a new revelation, they needed a new way of reading the Bible.  And they got one.  Instead of focusing on the literal interpretation of biblical passages, they emphasized the larger principles and general arc of the Bible.  These were for liberation, freedom, equality and care for everyone.  The abolitionist movement in America was led by religious people using the Bible as support for the abolition of slavery.   A related process is happening now in our country concerning homosexuality where many people interpret Bible passages literally to disparage homosexuality, and other people emphasize Jesus’ love and toleration for everyone.

There are many other times in history when Christianity significantly changed to accommodate social changes.  So when the Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity and started the process of Christianity becoming the religion of the Roman Empire, Christians stopped being pacifists.  When Western Europe, started getting more capitalistic, the Catholic Church changed its traditional condemnation against charging interest on loans.

The third misconception is his claim that his new revelation does not reject earlier religious revelations, but enlarges and enlivens them as it is a synthesis of the best of the old and the new.  Modern spiritual writers like to claim their spiritual systems encapsulate earlier traditions in a higher synthesis.  James Redfield claims this in his book Celestine Prophecy, and Ken Wilber says his ideas are a synthesis of previous ways of thinking.  These writers say their synthesis keeps the basic, core insights of the previous tradition.

The trouble is that it is not easy to decide what are the core principles from the older tradition that have to be kept in the synthesis, and what are the lesser principles that can be left behind.  Buddha told his disciples before he died that they could discard the minor monastic rules and follow only the major important ones.  However, his disciples could not decide how to do this, and they ended up retaining all the monastic rules, including interesting ones like all medicine has to have urine in it and monks cannot eat after noon.

When Walsch talks about changing unimportant principles of the Christian tradition, he specifically points to changing the masculine pronouns used in the Bible to make them gender neutral.  Walsch says that changing the pronouns is not changing anything important and people should realize this.  He knows that “critics such as James Dobson, founder of the conservative Focus on the Family ministry, say muting ‘the masculinity intended by the authors of Scripture’ violates the Gospel by ‘ obscuring the fatherhood of God’… ‘and the true identity of Jesus Christ.’”  He, however, says this resistance is “petulant bickering.” (NR 75 & 76)

Walsch claims to be making a higher synthesis, but a true synthesis will have to convince conservatives like Dobson, not just liberals.  Otherwise, it is not a convincing or good synthesis that takes our culture to the next stage of its spiritual evolution.  Redfield and Wilber’s work suffer from the same kind of easy “synthesizing.”  So the vast majority of Christians still have not realized how the Celestine Prophecy revitalizes their faith, and the vast majority of academics pay absolutely no attention to Wilber’s work.  Of course these spiritual writers and New Agers in general just dismiss these people as having resistances and blockages, but the mark of a true synthesis is that it will be convincing to non-believers, not just to believers.

Killing Mosquitoes and Killing Jews

While his theory of social change will not succeed and it is based on misconceptions about religion, the last problem with Walsch’s social theory is how his ideas about oneness apply to killing other creatures.  This point is especially contentious because Walsch says, or seems to say, the Jews co-created their deaths in the Holocaust, and Hitler actually did them a favor by killing them.

This point starts by discussing the killing of mosquitoes.  Walsch asks God, “If I am One with everything, what about swatting the mosquito?” (FR, p. 371)  The Buddhists share a very similar philosophy of oneness with Walsch and their answer to this question is pretty simple: do not kill any living creature, even an insect, as non-violence is the spiritual way of living.   Considering Walsch thinks God is life and life is sacred, one might think he would respond like the Buddhists do.  Nevertheless Walsch does not give this simple and seemingly obvious answer.

He has God reply, “What kind of change do you choose to create in that part of your Self that you call the mosquito?  That is the question you are asking, and that is the implication of the We Are All One wisdom.  You are ‘changing’ the part of The All that you call the mosquito.  You cannot ‘kill’ the mosquito, do you see?  Life is eternal, you cannot end it. You do have the power to change your form.  As in your popular science fiction entertainments, you might call yourself a shape shifter.  Yet know this: all of consciousness acts together.  In the highest sense, it is impossible for one of you to have dominion or control over another.  Every aspect of divinity has co-creative control over its destiny.  Therefore, you cannot kill a mosquito against its will.  At some level, the mosquito has chosen that.  All of the change in the universe occurs with the consent of the universe itself, in its various forms.  The universe cannot disagree with itself.  That is impossible.” (FR, p. 371)

I have highlighted the last part of the quote because it says that any creature killed by a person has participated in the killing by choosing to be killed.  You could not have killed it otherwise as we are all one.

Walsch is aware these ideas sound dangerous.  He says “this is dangerous talk.  This is a dangerous teaching.  People could use this to say, ‘Well, then I can do anything to anyone I want, since they’ve given me their permission.  After all, they’re ‘co-creating’ it with me….we can do “incredible damage to each other, all under the guise of simply believing that everything in the Universe agrees with what we are doing.  I am just deeply troubled by that.” (FR, p. 371-2)

Walsch does not give an easily understandable reply here.  God quickly says a person will not torture someone else as that is torturing yourself.  But on the other hand, God responds by repeating the point: “it is impossible to do anything against the will of another…WE ARE ALL ONE.  Therefore, of course, you cannot do anything to another that has not at some level been co-created with you.  That would be possible only if we are not All One. Yet, WE ARE ALL ONE. There is only one of Us.  We are creating this reality together.” (FR373-4)

Walsch comes back to this point ten pages later and asks again if it is okay to swat a mosquito, pick weeds or kill lambs for “those delicious, tender chops?”  (FR, p. 385-6)

God responds by saying that he has no preferences other than what people want to do. (FR, p. 386-7)   He says people are free to decide for themselves what to do and they define themselves by these choices. (FR, p. 388)  Furthermore, because we are God, we also decide who God is.  Walsch says In your daily actions and choices, you are not only announcing who You Are, you are also deciding Who I Am, because you and I are One.” (FR, p. 389)

As far as I know, Walsch does not say we should be totally non-violent and never kill another creature.  When he talks about Hitler, he even says, or seems to say, that killing another creature is not bad in any way.

God starts by saying that Hitler did nothing “wrong” and so is in heaven. (CW2, p. 55)  Walsch then asks, “I still don’t understand how Hitler could have gone to heaven; how he could have been rewarded for what he did?” God responds: “First, understand that death is not an end, but a beginning; not a horror, but a joy.  It is not a closing down, but an opening up.  The happiest moment of your life will be the moment it ends.  That’s because it doesn’t end but only goes on in ways so magnificent, so full of peace and wisdom and  joy, as to make it difficult to describe and impossible for you to comprehend.  So the first thing you have to understand – as I’ve already explained to you – is that Hitler didn’t hurt anyone.  In a sense, he didn’t inflict suffering, he ended it.” (CW2, p. 56)

God makes it even clearer that Hitler did not harm the Jews.  In fact, he says, or seems to be saying, that Hitler actually liberated the Jews.  “The mistakes Hitler made did no harm or damage to those whose deaths he caused.  Those souls were released from their earthly bondage like butterflies emerging from a cocoon. The people who were left behind mourn those deaths only because they do not know of the joy into which those souls entered.  No one who has ever experienced death ever mourns the death of anyone.” (CW, p. 242)

After Walsch wrote the Conversations with God series of books, many people asked him questions about his worldview.  One question was about the Hitler passages.  He says this Hitler passage is the most challenging in all his books, and he himself struggles with it. (QA, p. 331)  He wants to make it clear, though, he is not trivializing the Holocaust. (QA, p. 332)  He says that some people say that my books “portray Jews as simply having been ‘liberated from their Earthly troubles’ by the Holocaust, and since return to the Creator is a joyful experience, there is nothing to complain about.” (QA, p. 333)  He responds that  no “reasonable interpretation of the material” could fairly portray him as thinking God condones killing human beings, or he brushes the Holocaust off as no consequence or of no importance. (QA, p. 334)

But I think Walsch does, or seems to do, something far worse:  by saying that death is to be welcomed as we are going to a better place by being liberated from suffering on earth, and by saying that you cannot kill a mosquito (or any creature) unless it has chosen to be killed by you, Walsch is saying that the Jews killed in the Holocaust chose Hitler to kill them.  Furthermore, the Jews killed in the Holocaust should be thankful to Hitler for liberating them from suffering on earth.  It even seems, that according to his philosophy, Hitler was the greatest helper of the Jews in history as so many Jews chose him to liberate themselves from their horrible suffering on Earth. 

All the books referred to in the essay were written by Neale Donald Walsch.

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  1. Cursed be the day I read that book.
    Literally, I went into collapse and suffered anxiety since 1 year.
    I came here looking for answers, thank God (how ironic) I found this article. That Neale, he owes me one years of my life and the friends I lost.

  2. Our individual experiences determine our perceptions If we change our perceptions around events that occur in our lives , in order to transform our experience, to that of gratitude and love, we will find GOD……
    Neale Donald Walsch understands this, and he has written a series of books that have been best seller’s. Maybe you should write a series of books…..
    Because you seem to have an element of frustration around your story, a one sided perception perhaps?
    There is always two side’s.
    GOD can be found on the border of challenge and support.
    You just have to ask yourself the right question

  3. There is always a balance of good and bad, right or wrong,sinner or saint,
    kind or mean, happy or sad. We will only know what we have come here to do, when we look at our individual values. We are all the same (human). Our personal values make us uniquely individual. Find out what we would love to do with the very small amount of time that we have that is our life. ultimately it is our choice. This is it!!!!!
    We posses all of the human traits in some form or another. You spot it you got it! arguments only exist because of the need to be right, and in being right you are also wrong. Love is all there is. When someone challenges you, they become your teachers, because this is Gods way of showing you a one sided perception. You can change your perception you just need to know the right questions to ask yourself. Everything is as it should be.

  4. Well, Neale had me in the first edition of CWG speaking all about God’s love, creation & evolution, our Eternal Truth – he seemed to hit the nail right on the head – for all of us mostly – BUT then came book 2. Mmm, sadly the misconceptions, mistruths, conspiracy theories, Neale’s theories all echoed how much this was not the real God talking. Just another feeble attempt of man to try and understand the workings of the universe! I don’t know whether Neale is actually trying to undermine everyone or is he so misguided by his own thoughts he thought he was actually speaking to God! Because what I got out of “God’s” answers in Book 2 were really just Neale’s own interpretation from a higher thought of himself, or should I say lower thought of himself. It really showed a God out of touch, old in its views and understandings about the way the world really is. Not to mention the Hitler debate – any true God knows the real meaning of suffering and not make light of it, any of it! I know because I came from that suffering and God brought me out of my suffering into his arms in faith, a church faith, of love, respect and understanding the suffering. Any attempt to drag me away from my God, my church, my people and say that the true way to be in harmony is without religion – that without religion is the only way to not be separated!!!! Hmmm, the paradox is that this statement is in opposite truth to itself. I lived with this type of ‘new age God’ before, until I needed him/her (whatever you like) and when he bought me to this particular church, only then did my own spirituality skyrocket! I have become so one with God in that I know I need not a building in which to be connected, but that I choose to be with other spiritual beings in their loving relationship with a personal God and to celebrate and share in the goodness of that faith – and yes, that’s a church, a religion, a place where I feel I can be at totality with my God, the God of all of us, even Neale. Religion is here to stay… will always have a purpose for people like me that even “New Agers” will never be able to have all the answers!! Just ask the Jewish people, we have much to thank them for, for introducing us to the one true God, in which we are all now recognizing. And maybe Neale should recognize that with all his talk about how bad organized religion is.

  5. I totally agree with Vee Sue, clearsight27 and Jay, because after all what happened with me after reading and reading and making research this so called book I did some research about all this New Age and finding propositions like words of Vee Sue, clearsight27 and Jay.
    So, new age+ shuman + thetford+wilson+CWG + many many suspiciously similar others.. = ? or maybe mk ultra? mind control (ooh thetford again)
    I just want to humanity freed from this terrible misunderstanding
    If my message will help someone I will be happy this fact
    so emotional because it was general part of my life and now Im free from it! dont be slaves! be smart and help other people with it. Its all.

  6. NDW has studied religious teachings and has tried to fraudulently make them his own. His personal story is a lie. Anyone with a modicum of discernment can see, feel, know this.

  7. Those saying the writer of the blog article ‘didn’t understand’ Walsch are, imo, the ones who ‘don’t understand’. (Either that or they understand all too well …) Always interesting to see how all that ‘love and light’ morphs into arrogance and rudeness when anyone dares criticise the ‘New’ Age! Walsch, pretty obviously, is pushing the NWO as being ‘from god’. (For ‘voice of God’, imo, we can read ‘NWO committee’ …) A lot of what Walsch writes is basic theosophy (luciferianism). All the crap about Hitler ‘showing humanity to itself’ is pretty much word for word Alice Bailey. Walsch, like a lot of the ‘New’ Age, twists and turns with ‘logic’. One moment, suffering is fine, it’s chosen by the soul, it’s all relative, etc etc. The next, suffering is terrible, it has to be ended – and how is it ended? By a communist NWO; a global govt. with the (supposedly temporary) power to declare war on those who would threaten it. Incredibly detailed for a ‘god’ who apparently ‘wants nothing’ – but who ‘recommends’ a One World Govt. The con is so very obvious … Same con all over the ‘New’ Age. Supposed ‘Voices’ from Beyond giving instructions for humanity. Ironic, that Walsch – a multi millionaire, is – like most ‘New’ Age luminaries – so very, very concerned about the starving children – when it suits the agenda. Also funny that his ‘god’ praises Bush I so very much, and Bush’s NWO, one govt. idea. (Walsch’s ‘god’s’ idea for the ideal Govt is also pretty identical to satanist Albert Pike’s). And Walsch’s ‘god’s’ idea about one world, no borders, a global govt. with ‘temporary’ powers over all countries and one currency for all as an end to ‘suffering’ – that’s actually straight out of the so-called ‘protocols of the elders of zion’. Again – pretty much word for word. Nothing about the ‘New’ Age is really ‘new’. It’s Freemasonry, luciferianism, Kabbalah, theosophy – all choreographed and pushed out by many, many different sources -including David Icke and co. All to get people thinking the NWO slavery, communism and the hive mind (‘Oneness’) is the real deal from ‘god’. (Funny how, in all this ‘Oneness’, there’s always a hierarchy.) You can’t pick up any ‘New’ Age book without reading those four little words: ‘We Are All One’. Which doesn’t stop ‘New’ Agers savaging those who disagree with it. ‘Oneness’ takes a hike then! It’s positively Orwellian – ‘Oneness Is Division’. Interesting, too, too, how a lot of the ‘New’ Age defends Hitler and the Nazis. It’s pretty well documented that ‘New’ Age philosophy is identical to Nazi philosophy. Right down to the ‘evolution’ of some and the mass death of the rest. Apart from that – there is a lot that’s good in some ‘New’ Age philosophy – that’s the hook. Swallow it whole, though, and – it’s the old joke: what happened to the hooked fish? It ascended into the light … The ‘New Age’ they’re all pushing isn’t, at its core, one any sane person would want. Mass murder followed by ‘Oneness’ for the many and ‘godlike powers’ for the few. Those praising Walsch either, imo, know exactly what he’s about, or they haven’t read enough/researched enough, to see the hook. Walsch is not doing this in a vacuum. He’s deeply connected to other ‘New’ Agers, including Barbara Marx Hubbard, whose ‘voice’ advocates death for a quarter of the population, and whose sponsors are the Rockefellers. Funny, how those who criticise the old hierarchical religions, don’t realise just how similar tricks of the ‘New’ Age are to it. Praise and ‘superiority’ for those who accept it vs loathing for the ‘heathens’ who don’t. (Actually, death for those who don’t, according to Walsch’s ‘dear dear friend’ Hubbard …). Yeah. That’s a religion worth following. One reason the ‘New’ Age is so popular is because the idea of eternal hell by a ‘loving’ god is so very, very evil – and not at all about love. But just because the ‘New’ Age points out the obvious – that a loving god wouldn’t send people to eternal hell – doesn’t mean it’s a benign institution. It’s anything but.

  8. You have read but have not understood. Your opinions are on minor ideas about religion. The main ideas are about life an God.

  9. I was thinking what to say to this, when i read it i think maybe i will just write angry, i´m not american too but i understand a great bit, but then i read about the other people that are not american too and i comprehend what´s said. This critique is just rubish anyone can take the most difficult parts of the book too accept and make it like a point. Of course you can respond positively to what god could be saying but that is just too simple. I like that you write self help books, but what crap of critique is that when you say don´t kill, of course you shouldn´t kill a mosquito or any other thing, or a plant. But who doesn´t kill a mosquito? (Me maybe) but who doesn´t kill plants or insects by simply putting your feet on the ground. Too me god is the inverse of all of what the religions teach they show in mayority a negative god. When i was kid i believe in that, then i simply don´t believe and now i believe in the positive side of god, even if don´t exist, i know that that´s true. Even if i don´t demonstrate that in me, sometimes like now. I prefer too believe that he will forgive me for killing plants or mosquitos or even if i hurt other people i´m the first to feel regret i don´t know if is this the word. I don´t like this world it´s all negative, if we gonna all die i don´t know, if we will be more evolved i hope so, because this world is destroying us or the politics, the religions, the rich. I don´t want to destroy this critique or nothing like that but why not be happy, live in a happy world. If this polithics, this religions (i know more about christianity), and this people changed we don´t need to cause war, killing and anything like that. They neither give the opurtunity to change. These people are not better than us. I would say even more they are less evolved than us because they couldn´t end their interior fightings or exterior and they don´t want to change so they prefer to be less evolved than be more evolved. They are in the power so they should be more capable than us but they aren´t. Change is difficult to everyone i read the conversations with god and i experience like i was reading myself. I don´t change with the books, nor with any book that i have read maybe some day i will find some aplicable books that could help me even if i´m not an exemple because i don´t change i thank god for being so in tune to what´s true. Wishing the best even if i don´t know you.

  10. I agree with the following

    Quote from:

    annonymous on January 28, 2013 at 9:07 am said:

    ””It would appear the person responsible for writing this article did not understand the book. Maybe it’s too intellectually challenging for you hence you’re simplified interpretation of Neale’s work. The same way advocates of his work sometimes follow it blindly. Poorly written, poor argument & petty.

  11. Jesus told us what to do. Love God. Love others. Seek the Spiritual life over the physical life. He said it quite a few times in the bible. It isn’t that complicated. My guess is Neale was raised Catholic. No wonder why he is so confused.

  12. Readers of this critique might be interested to know that Victor Zammit, a retired attorney, who has spent the last 25 years investigating the afterlife and presents the evidence each week in his newsletter, this week severely criticises NDW for saying that Hitler is in heaven. Victor Zammit believes in the law of cause and effect and says that from all he has learnt about the afterlife Hitler would have “gone down to the lowest, darkest realms” until he pays his karmic debt. He does not say that Hitler will never reach a normal or higher spiritual level (which some may see as heaven), but it will take “eons of time” because of the terrible things he did.

  13. I started reading CWG some time ago; and i find it quite interesting, but I do have problems with Walsch saying people, especially young children experiencing trauma have chosen this to happen in some way….The ethics this entails and Walsch saying you have to realize you are here for yourself I find not really compassionate and that is not how I want to live. I understand it’s a danger to make your happiness dependend on the wellbeing of others, but not helping seems wrong to me..

    the fiundamental critique I have is that for some people it’s quite hard to live a happy life and we have to have compassion and understanding for those less fortunate….

  14. I have only just stumbled on this. I am not a native English Speaker, which may explain it. However, I am amazed, and so very happy, as, like anjali, I KNOW, and I heard it all one afternoon, many years ago, when I was at my lowest ebb and it felt like the top of my head flew open. I rarely speak of it, as I do not want to be judge mad or an evil influence, etc. it was-is- deeply personal. And I was told that the hardest lesson is that Love is everything, that we should not judge others, forgive-!- always try see the good, the lesson in every trial, and grow. That all is connected, and we are ALL part of God. The famines, the horrors that happen in life could be prevented or made easier to bear by us all. Natural disasters caused by the damage we do to the Planet, and we do nothing to help those who suffer. We ignore them, or rarely get involved. Often we do not even fight for ourselves or our friends. Easier to blame what we call “God”, then wash our hands.
    So I wont read the books, wont debate, because I know. And I try to live by what I understood many years ago. And, amazingly, it has turned my life around, and I am truly happy now and without fear of death. I will not try to convince others, just say this: you ask, and listen.

  15. The guy and all the other his other new age crazies are dangerous but serious loonies (the worst kind). Everyone dismissed Hitler because they thought he was a lunatic.

  16. It would appear the person responsible for writing this article did not understand the book. Maybe it’s too intellectually challenging for you hence you’re simplified interpretation of Neale’s work. The same way advocates of his work sometimes follow it blindly. Poorly written, poor argument & petty.

  17. YOU are completely right in your critique. Organized religion affects nothing. Our base instincts prevent us from ever advancing spiritually. ALL new age thinking or postulating is pointless. We are doomed to destroy ourselves due to our righteousness and base natures. I commend everyone who shares the anti-social views of the masses of wretched killers and fearful followers of organized religion. It will be a great day in the universe when this pitiful, petty, fearful, lazy, ignorant, compassionless and psychopathic “civilization” is utterly and completely destroyed and gone for all time. Any group of beings that blind, ignorant and stupid deserve no less.

  18. A new thought is always scrutinised. New thought has been around now for over a century – it’s merely part of our evolutionary path just like smart phones. The task at hand is to decipher fact from fiction, truth from untruth and this will always be in the eye of the beholder. My truth will not necessarily correspond with your truth but your truth is just as real to you as mine is to me. Neither of us is “wrong” – we just have a different perspective on life (thank God!). My understanding is that Neale would maintain that God’s responses in CWG are not his own but ‘inspired’ or ‘channeled’. The responses are not of his own mind/will – Neale is merely the vehicle from some outside source for the responses to his questions. Debate this all you like but ask Neale himself if this is the case and if he says “Yes”, then don’t “kill” the messenger. Criticise God’s responses all you like but go easy on the messenger.

    CWG should not be isolated from the general new thought movement. Those people who are widely read in the new age movement gradually see emerge certain patterns. With channeling, like anything, there are charlatans and those that are genuine (do we think channeling stopped with the New Testament or the Koran?). I suppose there is a third group, those that are genuine but genuinely wrong. Some new agers are so ‘heavenly’ that they are of absolutely no earthly use to themselves or anybody else – we all have to keep grounded. Those that are not familiar with channeling visit and have a read of what is genuine channeling. Part of genuine channeling is that a fear based message will never be given – all messages will be given in total love. If a channeled message scares the hell out of you, it is not genuine.
    Now if you don’t isolate CWG from the patterns emerging out of the new thought, then CWG fits comfortably. To mention only three patterns. A first pattern, “Critical mass”, is suggested in a comment at 3% whereas Kryon says a half of one percent. Who is right? Who cares? The point is when the critical mass is achieved those who are spiritually evolved in consciousness will move, with Mother Earth, into the fifth dimension (a second pattern) where life as described in CWG will be natural and normal. To live a “CWG life” in the duality of the third dimension ls just a bit too ambitious. Those who are not spiritually evolved will merely carry on evolving in the third dimension until they are ready. A third pattern that emerges from the new age or new thought movement is that our DNA is changing, particularly with children born since the 90′s.

    So, CWG, to be criticised in isolation from all other genuine (which some will challenge but that’s fine, that’s OK) channelings will miss some important elements. And if you want to debunk all channelings that’s OK too as your evolutionary right time will come – just a little later than some.

    To finish – I have a notion that it takes far greater courage to publish something like CWG than it does to criticise it – but keep up your criticism (constructive I hope) as it keeps all of us on our toes as apathy is real killer.

    After unconditional love and compassion, perhaps the next most important thing in life is an open mind…….”what if……?” Dogmatism is a major cause of world strife. Am I being dogmatic because I accept reincarnation, 5th dimension, changing DNA, channeling etc – well no because on my current readings, research etc this is my current understanding – next week I might read something to alter my understanding – the point is I am not wedded to my current understandings but try to contiuously grow them. When it was discovered the world was round and not flat I am sure there were people alive at that time who could not and would not change their understanding that the world was flat and would have gone to war over it.

  19. Criticism is always good. Everybody can criticize, but if you already criticize then ask what you think is the best.
    I love CWG. It gave answers to ALL my questions. If you have a better view of the world then please share it. I will gladly accept a new, higher version of God. But up to now no one could come up with something better, logical than that described in the Walsh’s books. There is no confusion in his ideas. You just do not quite plunged in his worldview.

    Love to all.

  20. God: You got me all wrong:)

    Great job in your thoughts on this essay:) Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t need science, religion, facts, etc? And just used the inner guidance system:)

  21. I for one, really appreciate these critiques. They are very well thought out and are really needed. There DOES need to be a discussion of new age thinkers and they need to be accountable for what they convey to people. I agree with Neale that there is probably much more to a spiritual way of life than they are experiencing, promoting, and selling. I don’t discount what they say, in fact some of it is very refreshing and thought provoking, and maybe even freeing. But there is a definite dumbing down and apparently people are so hungry for a spiritual experience or truth that they are not really thinking things through. If we are expected just to swallow all of this by believing LITERALLY that we are perfect and the world is perfect, what does that really say about the concept of God–Are we supposed to accept the ugliness out there and believe somehow we made agreements to experience some of this–That is a very perverse thought and kind of makes God a pervert, too. Why would people or a diety even think some of this stuff up to agree to in the first place–
    I do see how even the lowest of criminals also has God’s spark of divinity.

    But what I’m not quite sure of is the idea that we are evolving God as well…we may be, but that sure throws my paradigm upside down. I don’t think that new age thinking has done anywhere enough thinking, with proof and science to back it up, about how we were created. Maybe some day things will be backed up by fact, but no one really knows how we got here or why we wre here. I do appreciate the emphasis on love, but I think that is shallow, too, on the part of new agers (I am referring to the demonstration and action of love.) I don’t really see any of them as all that divine, but who am I to judge-hahaha.

    I also agree that people are blamed for their “lack.” They should not be, and should be treated with respect and compassion and even assistance for their plights. Maybe it’s true on an ultimate, ultimate level. But I have seen or read no one who is at that ultimate, ultimate place. So, that is a big piece that seems to be missing. So please do not think that these writers have it all together even though many are quite inspirational. As I said in my previous comment on Tolle, the new age thinkers don’t ever want to address any real problems that millions face—how about child abuse victims–the child as well as the adult. That is not fixed by meditation alone, that takes a village. And just where are these villagers—-
    So to even imply that a child has agreed to that…..yuck, or the Jews during the time of Hitler…and the list goes on. What the new age thinkers have provided to a certain point is possibly a good start. But there is much more to it than they are saying or even know.

  22. Walsch says that Hitler did the Jews a favour – liberating them from this life to some sort of bliss in an afterlife or pre-reincarnatory stage as he believes in recincarnation having been reincarnated 648 times himself. Well if that is the case then there was no point in any of the jews having been born and lived then was there? No there would not have been. His idea has defeated itself in similar fashion to relativism which he also promulgates. Stick to Jesus and His commands and you will do well.

  23. To know if CWG is something that we can possively believe, we need to look at our personal difficult moments from the past and try to explain them (their meaning) with the words of CWG. I believe that only then can we take the desicion to embrace or to reject CWG. Another way is to search for those “magical” moments from our past. Those “is this coinsidence?” moments, and trace them back to see if we can find their possible devine source. If we can then maybe CWG is something to pay more attention to.

  24. Greetings to everyone

    I am not a native English speaker; therefore I feel discomfort of expressing myself as many have done it above. However, I shall try to be as clear as possible about the message.

    To all who oppose or support Walsch ideas, CWG is balancing the equation of life. Not CWG books, nor the Testament book are capable of explaining God, God vision or God intentions. We are unable to comprehend the endless complexity of our world at a physical level and much less at a metaphysical one. Actually, we speculate, make theories and very often try to argue their rightness using whatever methods are at hand; science, religion, believes etc. We are so much concentrating on explaining life, on explaining why we act in this way or another, instead of spending at least the same amount of energy on living the life. God is a theory and many try to have it explained this way or another and Walsh does beautifully in his way. I don’t accept what some proclaim that he has some hidden agenda towards power and supremacy; however, I do believe that those throwing mud at his work are actually afraid of losing power and control. Walsch’s work must be understood deeply beyond God or God as a friend. We are so good at criticizing others but find it very difficult to do the same in regard to our thoughts and actions. We treat others very barbaric because we lack of self esteem and respect. If God is total love and we are spirits of this god or in other words parts of this one God then fear would be impossible, or if fear exists is like when the absence of God is. Ocasionally, we refer to dark as the absence of light, so evil or fear would be the absence of God. God is everything there is and there isn’t. This idea is mentioned again and again in all religions of men and Walsch mention it also in his books, somehow in a different light. In other words Walsch’s greatest contribution is not the content of his writings, which can be accepted or dismissed or criticized depending on who is talking and which group is he part of, science, religious, politician and so on, it is the idea. God is an idea that helped people from early times to coop with the unexpected, with the incapability of human mind to deal with the unknown. The unknown, at a psychological level frightens us so much that we must find for it a logic explanation. If we find one we want to make sure it is the right one and if we don’t we are in serious trouble. God and divinity is much more than an idea or concept is an illusion of our mastermind for dealing with the unknown. If we were able for example to give a plausible explanation to time or space or universe, probably God would have been forgotten. Through the ages God was many times forgotten not because people lost their ways or traditions or religions but because through evolution they were able to find the answers more and more accurate. Is it not what we try nowadays to achieve at CERN, find the God’s particle. If this particle is found than God as almighty we not be in service anymore and would be discharged from service. I believe God is after all with all the problems we bring before him a little tired and he would love to retire or take a long vacation. I am trying to make a point here, not to hurt anyone’s feelings. That’s not my intention anyway.

    Reading Walsch’s works is refreshing and as I said in the beginning helps balancing the equation between self believes and those careful implanted to us though constant indoctrination and formal studies. Through history there are few of us who realize the potential of ideas and manipulate them not to achieve a global (universal) goal but rather an individual one of a single person or a small group, having this person as their supreme leader. Ideas led to creation of empires, extermination of nations, gain of power and wealth a false mislead idea that can make people happier than they actually are. We always want more not because our “bad habits” or “big eyes” but because we develop through evolution and the engine behind evolution is striving for higher, greater, stronger etc. Money and power doesn’t in fact support the lows of evolution and doesn’t contribute to the welfare and happiness of people, but it is an idea that some of us has and influence profoundly the weak. The equation is that while few who became aware of the power hidden in ideas and like normal people started to experience those ideas. On the other side of the equation are most of us who lost the confidence in our own ideas and relay their ideas. So instead of leaving and inventing ideas and live them, we live others ideas. If thought for enough time through our educational systems not only that we live some other ideas’ we come to the point where we start believing that those ideas are actually our own. That is wrong by definition. We may find that someone’s idea is a good one and acceptable for me as well, although is not my original idea/ That is ok as long as accepting the idea is without constrains out of free will. However, most ideas are forced upon us and not accepted through a process of free will.

    In conclusion, to live a good life is not necessary to have all the answers. Accepting the unknown just as we accept some statements we’ve made is the same thing actually, a choice of free will. Either there is a god or there isn’t’ really doesn’t help us at all. If you by your free will acknowledge in your realty from your perspective of life the existence of a god, or your need to feel yourself as a part of this God experiencing himself’ it is really ok. God doesn’t need to be qualified by terminology, by human interpretations or by human limitations. It is actually enough to know that we are here know enjoying the moment out off free will and misconceptions or the way some other individual or group think is the right way. Religious people, scientists, New age believers, al have a good life, while each have it’s won truth and believes about life.

    I am very happy with my life although I don’t have an answer to many of my questions. Many tried to convince me that their truth or believes or knowledge is the answer to my questions and were able in the end to convince me. My biggest realization is that the answer to the questions is like the tree of life we are trying to get to all our lives across many rives, while in fact the tree of life is the way itself and the choises we make out of our free will. So to say the way what counts and not the tree or the answer is life. Life is the experience we accumulate in every moment as we try to rich the tree of life. It is good to have a companion along the way will that be God, and friend or whatever I choose out of free will. This is what Mr. Walsh is referring to, I believe in all his work, but was uncapable of saying plain and simple. Mr. Walsh has talent for expressing himself in a very interesting way’ but he have lost himself among the many lines he wrote. He could have said all in just a few paragraphs, but instead of printing the concentrated idea to the world, he preferred to put in writing all the materials prior to the writing itself and make a book out of it. I don’t condemn him at all and I also think is a nice and refreshing idea.

  25. I have not read Walsch. But I thought this criticism was thoughtful, clear, and very well explained. Given that Waligore is exceedingly respectful and measured at all times in this essay, he deserves the same tone in these comments rather than the attacks he is getting from many Walsch believers. You can disagree, of course, but a least make an argument.

  26. Seems like this critic only read a few pages…CWG clearly states that we currently harm ourselves with our lifestyles because we HAVE NO WILL TO LIVE! And please enlighten us on what’s flawed with a TRANSPARENT GLOBAL ECONOMY. As far as I’m concerned, this is THE FUNDAMENTAL CAMPAIGN for all who seek justice in this world! And why do you think Adam Smith thought we are inherently selfish? These books EXPLAIN THE SCRIPTURES. The critic is still “sleepwalking”. (I mean that in the nicest possible way!)

  27. I like the comment about life being either about fear or love. I would take that one step further and say love is composed of fear and love, and the fear contracts and hoards, and love expands. It made me think of the hoarders and disordered under the masks of Christianity or regular “life styles” of any kind. Peer pressure.

  28. I think there’s a place between cultish adherence to everything Neale Donald Walsch says and a complete rejection of his ideas as new-agey ethically unsound hokum that we can come to on this stuff.

    I, too, have a serious problem with the moral relativism of how he treats the Hitler question — and by extension any situation where people are tortured or murdered due to circumstances beyond their control. For me, there is no equivocation on this point.

    There’s also the issue of self-interest — that we will be kind to others because everyone is connected to everyone else, and therefore it’s in our interest not to treat others poorly — rubs me the wrong way. I feel like the bigger, more profound message has gotten mixed up in a need to tap into people’s narcissism as a means for them to buy into the message. It seems unnecessary to me.

    However, the idea of a spiritual oneness, of the intention of our elemental love and fear informing our personal outcomes, and of the great divinity in all living things is deeply interesting and seems to be borne out on the personal level for many, many individuals. My big-picture takeaway is that compassion must be built from the inside out; that we can live more wholly and peacefully in this world when we cultivate love for ourselves and, consequently, true empathy for others. There’s so much in what he says that touches me deeply and profoundly, and I’m grateful to have found his work.

    Grateful, but not uncritical.

  29. I just recently came upon these book and let me tell you, they scared me from the beginning. I have a feeling that this guy´s books are serving an ulterior purpose and what´s scary is the fact that so many people are falling for it.
    What kind of ulterior purpose? Domination of course. This guy is giving the thumbs up to some of the scariest crap out there–New World Order, a world government, Bush, Hitler, mass assasination, genocide, lambs to the slaughter. And what´s worse, he´s using the name of God to endorse this. Who would say no to God, right? Oh wait…he must be conversing with the Old Testament god–the one that got a kick out of killing humans. Well that makes sense then. Apparently he sent Hitler to finish his work.

  30. So, sorry(?) because your childhood faith in your parents’ faith was abused by corporate fast food chain—you didn’t listen to the grace of your own mother to find solutions from her heart to yours and went out of your way to ask another man, a priest—to tell you that you were abused from birth because your mother had faith in her church and why she created you with the grace/love with Mary and God? You were abused Neale (in my opinion) and because you were abused you lost faith in what limbo was meant to be—-and it’s a place that is called limbo because children/babies taken so young are a lesson in life and prayer—all life is a challenge and a lesson. You sir are a lesson to me, now, because you made a quote I posted on my wall this morning that said something about living life on the edge—-well I wanted to think twice about that from watching this video you were filmed in—-and wanted to write you a personal message through this page here on Facebook but I can’t because there’s no option but to post this, here.
    My comment to you on this page here?—-it says that you question your faith because you grew up(?) abused and found and questioned you faith further as an adult. The Catholic Church, what the Pope said (the Bishop of Rome and a gift of virtue from God I have faith in btw) and your mother as being a representation of “we don’t know” but you’re telling me you do? It sounds like you felt abused because you didn’t know anything as a child and it was either because you can’t assemble what that abuse was as an adult or you were spoilt for choice away from what your mother said at the time—-and they were words of comfort and love—-life isn’t heaven on earth, to me and many Catholic people, it’s a war zone—and you have to decide which side your on—love is hope and God is love—and love spoke to you first with grace—through your mothers words.
    I’m sure the forgotten faces of the abusers at the counter serving you up doubt and sin for even now—-Back then or even now it’s your role to tell the Pope because you saw the sin in your heart—you have strategy for the faithful against sin and yet you turn against your mother, faith and use that abuse against hope? You possibly made it in your mind that what you say has power now because you had none then? In what you think and continue to abuse with—you are abusing yourself and the grace your mother wrought in pain and with love. I’m sure those at McDonalds couldn’t care less about you—but the Donald inside you—your middle side—does! The Pope would too if you wrote him a letter— if you talk to him, but then he isn’t your Mom/Mum—search your soul and return to the faith—-growth in faith is a test and only the finer warriors survive abuse—now that is the edge I see you need to grow from and not this comfortable place you have inside your hurt—-be a survival warrior—everyone else is simply a lesson—-God help you—

  31. I think Joseph has a good point. He makes a truly objective critic.

    However, I personally think that his critic is valid only seeing it from a Human perspective. Maybe the jews DID choose Hitler to kill them, and that, seeing it from God’s perspective, doesn’t have anything wrong with it, as death it’s not a tragic event, but a magic one.

    From a human’s perspective, it’s terrible, because we all know how the jewish community suffered with The Holocaust, and how hommosexuals and black people suffered too. It was terrible.

    But all of Neale’s books are based on a Divine (and more vast) perspective. Sometimes even Neale finds that God thoughts are crazy. But as God says in those books, you don’t have to see the Truth in His words. Only you can find your Thruth.

    I’ve read a book that talks about CWG Philosopy with a scientific perspective, and being completely objective. I recommend everyone reading “The God Theory” by astrophysicist Bernard Haisch. An excellent book, but not as great as the Conversations With God series.

  32. I LOVE the way these new agers seem to think theyre so evolved and can “smile” down on Josephs logical good critism. as if looking down/smiling on someone was ever spiritual anyway.I notice CWG gets a lot of these “spiritual” people who think that NEALE IS THE TRUTH. IF they read the book properly it says they are many ways to the truth,not just via Neale donald walsch. i also think these people like cackle (my god what a FITTING NAME.) who “smile” at Josephs disbelief (smiling down,in a patronising sarcastic way) cannot be as spiritual as they think or say they are because DO YOU THINK SPIRITUAL PEOPLE WOULD LOOK DOWN/SMILE DOWN on ANYONE ELSE? no! I think you will find you would agree that NO.
    also other people saying Nelae is THE TRUTH,are missing the point and becoming like “religionists” by thinking Joseph this writer MUST be wrong but THEIR neale is right. HMM. sounds like religion eh people???!!! I read these books 11 years ago and have studied them since,and know them almost inside out and I have mixed feelings on them.and whilst the messages are loving and free poeple like cackle from religion (which I am happy about cackle,thats another prison you are better free from..not the religions I mean the limitataions, U commented on.) I also think cackle smiling in a sinister manner on this writer is also a very “I AM GOD I AM RIGHT NOT YOU” way of thinking which Neales God actually states that causes war. WHY on earth would U smile down at Joseph for finding it hard to believe that a terrible murder masscare would be a freedom? Sure sure in the wishy washy “im so new aged” way it deos make sense,but then again anythign does in that open minded unrealistic new age thinking patterns. you could say anythign is anythign and twist and make right anythign if you are like these new agers and love and lighters.I agree death is a freedom,but WHO ARE YOU cackle to JUDGE (by the way cackle re read says DO NOT JUDGE.) to judge what The writer thinks? SO NOW HES DEFINATELY WRONG? NOW HES NOT ALLOWED A OPINION? ISNT THAT THE OPOSITE OF WHAT CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD TEACHES?? CACKLE AND KYLIE YOU ARE DOING THE SAME THING AS THESE RELIGIOUS PEOPLE U DETEST TOO.WHY cant he not feel comfy with callous casual murder? if you think he hasnt understood thats HIS level hes at its not silly or laughable or anything to smile grossly at (people who smile when angry freak me out..very a horror movie!! lol!) hes allowed to not have accepted your truth yet or dying. hes allowed to feel what he feels,and who says HE has something to learn? thats another OPINION not the truth. i love (or hate) the way neale has all these die hard fans who think hes right NO MATTER WHAT and its the TRUTH (TRUTH in caspital letters says kylie) kylie,isnt that what starts war? re read the says thats the attitude that starts wars. HOW HYPORCITICAL.
    Now i can predict u new agers sittign there thinking i oppose CWG books (neales books)
    ACTUALLY I LOVE THEM. BUT you are not following your leader and what you say is DEFINATELY GOD by saying neale is right and ALL OTHERS ARE SO WRONG INCLUDING JOSEPPH.
    Can you hear yourself? I love spirituality but i notice some “spiritual” people like some here become VERY SARKY AND GROSS and “IM RIGHT”…
    BEWARE THE NEW AGE,comes to mind! (not that theyre all like U,i can already hear you sittin there with misplaced anger thinking im attacking ALL new neales god would say this is just an OBSERVATION. )
    like one..JOHN HATCHER.. even claimed that the writer came here and chose to not “have the intelligence”
    OH JOHN HATCHER does that mean any other opinion or any other truth makeths the person STUPID? i think youll find it even says in CWG that everyone is right,theres no wrong,all religions and thought are valid. JOHN HATCHER YOU are now doing what these religions are doing and condemning/insulting any other views calling them UNINTELLIGENT cos they didnt agree??? YOU ARE NOW MAING A MOCKERY OF CWG BOOKS AND NEALE. BECAUSE neales books say there are many ways of truth and it EVEN SAYS THAT ITS NOT THE TRUTH IT SAYS ITS ALL MADE UP,YOU CAN TAKE IT HOW YOU WISH IF ITS TRUE FOR YOU. EVEN NEALE SAYS THAT!
    SO you contrived new agers are all for war and not lettin joseph have his say? do ut hink neales god would agree with yous there? hmm..i think not.
    I like what brad said..this is how religion came about one man talked to God and people saying his was the ONLY WAY. be careful your not becoming what you oppose. have YOUR truth and DO NOT pick at or laugh/smile down at others. or call them wrong or stupid. (you are starting to sound like a church!!)
    God in neales book would encourage Josephs critique and even says “i could be wrong” because its HIS TRUTH..NOT A NEW BIBLE OR THE ONLY TRUTH.

    A question for you JOHN HATCHER…Did YOU choose to come to the earth to talk down to others and not let them have their own opinion? to be that UNSPIRITUAL? bless YOU my child.

    Johna nd others,I know what it is,neale is now YOUR BIBLE! he is to yous THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NEVER ANYTHIng ELSE,AND YOU ARE NOW ACTING LIKE THESE RELIGIOUS WARS PEOPLE.And your irratated and threatened that Joseph has some good logical critism and Good points on neales books. neale cant always be right sorry. Joseph makes some good points.You feel you have somethhing to lose by this critique..its only a opinion as is neales. the truth is what YOU make it GOd,er I mean JOHN.
    I dont agree completely with Joseph or neale,I MAKE MY OWN TRUTH FOR ME,I DONT SMILE DOWN OR BLESS PEOPLE IN A PATRONISING WAY if they disgaree with me. hmm..sounds very religinist,fighting like that!
    I like CWG books and I think yes KYLIE they do free us from religion etc and theyre very postitive but do NOT make the same mistake as your old church and think your right and above anyone else who may have A DIFFERENT TRUTH to YOU OR NEALE. it even says in cwg “this book what not meant to REPLACE YOUR BIBLE its just another view) dont get obsessed and stuck in it like U did with religion be free no matter what from religious barriers and spiritual arragance,please.
    and JOHN ALSO…
    WHY do u think Neales God is the ONLY way? THATS the exact attitude that causes wars.

    Neales loyal one sided followers..please read your new bible properly.

  33. intellegent critiques , bless you my child you have chosen to come to earth with less than the intelegence needed to understand the truth… you have done well to forget yourself….. please put something into the world and universe? rather than being a crtique of what others have done or are doing.. its because you have been a center for critisum in you life that you are like this.. you have you youre own source of enery .. stop being a thief..

  34. I have had three of his books now for about10 years or more an I have found them very close to my own views though I have never considered my thoughts to be those of G_D but I agree that in an ultimate sense they are. I want to mention several of my own experience because I think they relate quite well to many of your comments and that about which you are writing.

    At about 11 following a discussion among us boy re: where we were born brought up by a news article about a hospital mix-up. I asked myself – Who would I be if I had been raised by someone else? In 1946, just out of the army, our minister spoke on the Divine Paradox — the Christian Trinity. I decided to solve this paradox. Following a number of discussions around the chem lab and our Young Adult Group I had some new ideas. I related them to the minister who said “That’s good. Work it out.” About a month later I had and the “A-ha” happened and I knew I was G_D, akin to being a cell in a body. My subsequent life (now 85) has been based on that knowing.
    Lastly, my poem — Creation may be likened unto a bolt of fabric that is cut and sewn into an infinite variety of garments for the soul of God. In this way we All are folds of the same cloth.
    I do want to emphasize that that ALL is inclusive — the totality of Creation. Love to All.

  35. Sorry Neale…after all these years (since 2002) I still have difficulty with the spelling of your surname, which is Walsch of course!

  36. I have read a lot of New Age material and the CWG books are the most challenging and uplifting of all: absolutely fascinating, beautiful books which I would recommend to anyone. We are fortunate to have Neale Donald Walshe, God bless him.

  37. It takes time and a willing open mind to understand the layers of truth contained in such works. To critique a spiritual work from intellectual perspective seems pointless to me. I know for a fact that this material has changed many peoples lives for the better. What else is required? To critique something that is beyond one’s current understanding based on one’s current understanding sounds as productive to me as chasing one’s tail. Before attempting such a thing why not try to meet these works on their own ground. Using the past to define the future is what keeps us where we are.Hasn’t this been the problem long enough? This critique in my opinion is simply an example of what is not working. Perhaps our energy would be better placed in expanding our awareness of what is truly possible instead of thwarting those who seek to do just that as well as encourage others to do the same. Penny for your thoughts.

  38. Anyone who has a direct and close relationship within them…with their own Soul and with God-Source, knows of this that Neale Donald Walsch speaks of…he is not imagining or thinking creatively…he is sharing from all he has been shown within, taught about directly from within…this is Truth!

    So before We continue commenting any would be best if we did so from the place of KNOWING…Rather than from NOT KNOWING.

    I want to encourage everyone to first and foremost, reconnect with your own Soul, Higher Self, and then with God-Source to the point where you relate, converse, and communicate 24/7 about everything in your inner and outer life…and only then will you be capable of commenting on what Neale Donald Walsch is saying about what is possible.

    I am not connected to him, I do not follow him. However, I agree completely with what he says because I KNOW and have also heard and seen the exact same things and it comes directly from within my own Source-Being from God-Source.

    The ancient sages gave us one very important clue. Surely you have heard of it! They said, “Know Thy Self!”

    Try it…You Might Like it and be glad you remembered The Self! You may never ever want to go back! And you will be another who KNOWS TRUTH!



  39. I just had to smile at the author seeing a problem with believing that death is the ultimate release. Isn’t freedom our ultimate reward? After reading CWG 1 I was released from all the doubts and fears I had while being a professed Christian. I had always questioned the precepts of the “Church” and was always uncomfortable and fearful. Only after the Truth was revealed to me, was I able to shake off the fear of a vengeful God. It is just all so very logical!

  40. I do not agree with your excerpt except for the fact that we, as humans, have lower than noble instincts. But it is a learned behavior shaped by our environment. I would not go as far as stating that only organized religion is the perpetrator, but having lived in many countries, I have definitely obseverved that those who are thinking we’re all separate from one another definitely are strongly influenced by either too much religion (and it’s biased or self-serving interpetration) or a total lack of spirituality. And if war and killing each other was the solution, it would have solved all our problems thus far. Living is complex in itself. But, us human, make it complicated for self-serving purpose, just because we don’t know better. Those who are coming forth with a peaceful solution are always portrayed as lunatic at first glance.

  41. Having read most of NDW’s books, i can reply on the criticism that we as humans will not hurt each other once we understand we are one with God as follows: I worked in a South AFrican prison with the worst gangsters. The trainings was not specifically NDW’s books, but it was largely based on the concept of us being one with each other. It was quite remarkable the change that occurred physically and internally for them. They naturally gravitated towards doing good towards themselves and others. A different understanding and form of interacting happened when this awareness of Oneness of humanity was brought to them. If nothing else, i have to some extent experienced with over 300 prisoners the start of the effect of this.

  42. Since ‘discovering’ CWG 8 years ago, I have been able to piece together childhood trauma and find peace as an adult.
    I read CWG 1 over a period of 2 years. I read each page and digested and ingested the information. I feasted on it, chewed it over, munched it and crunched it – until I fully understood every concept in each chapter. I would not progress until I pored over every minute detail and absolutely felt I had ‘got it’ – before I would move on to the next part or page.
    I felt as though I had come through years in the desert, I was parched and starved. The information I was getting from CWG was my hydration, providing succour and sustenance to my soul! It was what I had been searching for all my Life – the information hit a core in me that made absolute sense.
    I have been brought up through conventional religion but I had major struggles with what I was hearing from the clergy over the years and what I felt in my heart God should be. I felt God should have been bigger, smarter, more expansive than the one I was being ‘taught’ he was. The narrow minded, revengeful god I was being fed did not sit well with me. In my heart my God was like the God in CWG, and I talked to “My God” everyday as a best friend, confidante – mate, buddy.
    I am absolutely in awe of the Universe. The creation of all Life, the magnificence and impossibility of the planets hanging in suspended nothingness – the abundance and scope of the flaura and fauna of our Planet Earth. My mind doesnt have the capacity to appreciate the scope of it all but my heart bursts with the joy of being part of the amazing phenomenon that it is. Every night I give thanks. I am grateful and thankful to be a part of this Life. To have the opportunity to partake of all it has to offer. Each day I bring out the best in myself and offer that to the universe “I am goodness and mercy and compassion and understanding. I am peace and joy and light. I am forgiveness and patience, strength and courage, a helper in time of need, a comforter in time of sorrow, a healer in time of injury, a teacher in times of confusion. In moments of my life I have known myself as these things – I know that I am these things always”. What else can we be except the best we can be. Thats all the universe needs from us. Truth, Joy and Love.
    I choose to listen to the message, not shoot the messenger!

  43. Neale actually states that humans will not want to harm themselves once “they know who they really are” once humans see they are not separate from God, they will not harm themselves (to such a great extent,they will probably still like to skydive and cliff jump!lol)and then will find it much more difficult to harm others…so the idea that humans harm themselves so badly (bad diet, smoking, drugs) at the current time in evolution is a big part of his conversation…it is central to his idea that if “we”,humans,all figure out what the @%*&* is going on here, that is when we may avoid complete self destruction….if we decide to see it….

  44. Neal, in my opinion, has done to mankind a real big favor by helping open our eyes. It is so heartening, and feels good to read his books and feel at peace, after years of torment and suffering that people like me have had to go through in life. The fear and guilt just vanishes away and it seems like instant flow of positivity that leaves you energized. In my case a huge load that i have been carrying for decades has just been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you Neal Donal Walsch.

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