All is One

A very popular idea in the New Age movement is that all is one.  This phrase has different meanings in different spiritual traditions, but generally it means that we are one with the divine and each other in a deep way.  The things which separate us, our intellect, ego, and other differences are not as real as the oneness and are not as important as the oneness.  I call this way of looking at reality the Oneness Worldview.

I should state that I am taking a broad interpretation of this worldview.  I include  New Thought and the boddhisattva ethics of Mahayana Buddhism which advocate a strong conception of oneness with the divine (in the sense that only our oneness with the divine really exists and any notion of a separate self is illusory or mistaken.)  I also include, however, beliefs in which the oneness is more important or overwhelms individuals in only certain areas.  So I include Jung’s notion of the collective unconscious.  Jung does not believe in the total oneness of all reality, but his collective unconscious posits a deeper oneness between all people  that transcends individuality and tremendously influences and overwhelms individuals.

This emphasis on onenes is the foundation of  many of the most important beliefs and ideas in the New Age movement.

It is the foundation for the belief in gurus as they have totally realized the divine and thus have no ego or personal desires left.  This means the guru can do no wrong as he (and the guru is almost always a man) has no self-centeredness.  Of course what he says should be obeyed unconditionally as his words are the equivalent of God’s words.

It is the foundation for the belief in the Jungian collective unconscious with its belief in archetypes.  The collective unconscious is shared by all people and influences them deeply without them having individual awareness of this influence.  The archetypes also are shared by all people (sometimes they are seen as being different in men and women) and affect us in ways we are not individually aware of.

It is the foundation for the emphasis on mysticism and seeing the ultimate goal of the spiritual life as enlightenment.  Related to the emphasis on mysticism is the idea of a perennial philosophy, or a set of core teachings behind all religions.

It is the foundation for seeing Buddhism as being totally concerned with getting beyond the separate self through meditation.  The religious aspects of Buddhism, its communal practices and doctrinal aspects, are ignored or erased.  As this leads to  ignoring Buddhism as it is actually practiced in Asian countries, this conception is often called Buddhist Modernism or Protestant Buddhism.

It is the foundation for the belief in the Hundredth Monkey effect.  In this effect, the individual and her thought processes are transcended as a forcefield of some type causes a sudden transformation in everyone.

It is the foundation for the emphasis on we create our own reality and the so-called law of attraction.  Both of these ideas come from the New Thought tradition which teaches that humans are really one with God and so have the powers of God with no limits.

It is the foundation for the emphasis on total non-violent means of social change and conflict resolution.

It is the foundation for the emphasis on an evolutionary leap that will result in  a new type of human.  This leap is a result of the spiritual evolution of the larger Spirit  individuals are part of.

It is the foundation of the emphasis on a cosmic change such as the harmonic convergence, 2012, or the Aquarian Age in which everything will be different.  In these cosmic changes, the individual does not matter much, it is the cosmic change that is important.

It is the foundation of the emphasis on feelings as  feelings, unlike thoughts, connect us into deeper oneness with other creatures.  This leads to the popular sayings of if something rings true, it is true, and follow your bliss.

It is the foundation for the respect for ancient prophecies as these people are seen as closer to being one with the environment or the divine and the prophets burst through separate consciounsess to a deeper consciousness of oneness.

It is the foundation for the interpretation of quantum mechanics as proving a deeper oneness of all things and thoughts create reality.

It is the foundation for the emphasis on other fields of  science showing a deep oneness.

It is the foundation for the emphasis on deep ecology which says that protecting the ecosystem is the most important moral imperative.  Whatever helps the ecosystem be more whole or vital is the morally right thing.  The individual and her rights and value is denigrated in favor of emphasis on the larger system she is part of.

It is the foundation for the emphasis on channelling.  In channelling, a person’s separate, individual consciousness is dissolved and a higher consciousness spirit is thought to talk, write, or act through the person.

It is the foundation for the emphasis on all spiritual masters teach the same thing, as they all teach about achieving oneness with the divine.

It is the foundation for the emphasis on being here now.

It is the foundation for the emphasis on myths, which are seen as coming from a time when people were connected to the primal oneness.

This is just a list of some of the most important areas that the Oneness Wordview manifests itself.  Importantly it shows up in so many areas, they reinforce each othewr and so many people become convinced that this Oneness Worldview is true.

I first want to make it very clear that I am not advocating some scientific position that humans are material creatures or materialism explains all reality.  I believe we are connected to a deeper spiritual reality;  I just am not for the oneness kind of spirituality.  In fact, I think it is a markedly inferior form of spirituality and as people mature and really reflect on it they will see its limitations.  Here are some of the most important reasons why I think this.

Overstates our supposedly unlimited powers

Many teachers in the New Thought tradition (such as Chopra, Walsch, Dyer, Redfield, and the authors of The Secret) over-emphasize our connection to God.  They say we are totally one with God and we have all the powers of God.  They say we have unlimited powers and can create our reality in any way we want.

Fantasy mindset of waiting for a big cosmic change to happen

It is often thought that some cosmic change will happen soon.  If that is true, then there is no reason to work hard now developing individual qualities of awareness, compassion or intelligence.  Instead, sit back and wait for the cosmic change to happen.

Neglects rational mind and critical thinking

The rational mind and critical thinking are often seen as blocking our sense of oneness with the divine.  Thus it is often denigrated and dismissed by the Oneness Worldview.

Being duped by gurus

The guru is fully enlightened and so one with the divine.  He can do no wrong and so if he is feeling you up or raping your daughter, he is not doing this from any selfish motives.

Overemphasizes feelings

Feelings are often seen as a result of being in a deeper state of connection or oneness to the sacred.  They tell us what is true and what our spiritual path is.


Reduces all motivation and emotion to fear and love

Fear is the result of separation from the onenesss.  Love is the manifestation of connection to the oneness.  As these are the only two possible states of being in the Oneness Worldview, all motivations and emotions are often reduced to either fear or love.  This means that greed, competition, and other self-centered emotions all come from the fear of scarcity.

This worldview  has no real room for other virtues such as the deep concern for truth.  It also does not understand the other lower desires many people have.  This leads to a simplistic way of dealing with  self-centered people (like terrorists) as they are motivated only by fear or the idea they are being attacked.  If we just really listen to them and their fears, they will change.


Romanticisizes an earlier time

People with a Oneness Worldview often state that there was an earlier time when we lived in a deeper state of oneness with reality.  This time is usually thought to be either childhood or before the rise of civilization.   This view romanticizes this earlier time and so neglects to see it in its fullness; instead, it projects all the positive values onto this earlier time, while not seeing the positive features of the present way of life.


Over-emphasizes how easy spirituality is

The Oneness Worldview states that we are really one with the divine.  Thus it has no room for a strong sense of karma, human self-centeredness, or evil that significantly gets in the way of being spiritual.  So spirituality is seen as being much easier than it really is.

Sets up a dualism of old paradigm vs. new paradigm

It is often stated that people involved with modern spirituality have a new consciousness or a new paradigm or worldview.  These people possess all the wonderful qualities which result from oneness while people who do not share the Oneness Worldview possess shallower, more material consciousness.


Lacks an historical sense

Achieving oneness with the divine is all that really matters in the Oneness Worldview.  So who wants to do the hard work of reading in order to understand why our current cultural paradigm developed the way it did?  This leads to a lack of awareness among many spiritual people of basic historical trends and ideas.   This allows popular spiritual teachers to utter mistruths and false myths as they are not worried anyone will challenge them.  Furthermore, as they do not understand our culture’s past, the teachers cannot develop the synthesis of spiritual values and the dominant cultural paradigm they want to develop.

Loses respect from outsiders

Many non-New Agers see the continual emphasis on the Oneness Worldview in modern spirituality and because of its lack of a historical sense, lack of critical thinking, and misuse of science, they cannot respect the movement.  These outsiders could often be sympathetic to a spirituality without these flaws, a spirituality which emphasizes connection to the sacred and also individuality.  Unfortunately, this kind of spirituality is drowned out by the advocates of the Oneness Worldview.

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10 thoughts on “All is One

  1. ‘his persona of love frequency’ CHOIR OF HEAVEN (Medwyn Goodall)•.¸♥`*•.¸ ¸.•*♫´¸.•*´
    Jesus was NOT put on the cross, it was the church fearmongering, H-ll is the invention of the Church, the Temple of Solomon and the Ark represent higher consciousness and not what was taught, Jesus risen, ascended, to heaven, sky, in the Spacecraft, but the cabal could not tel Humans because their control was money, and why Christ chased the money changers out of the Temple, and oil is what the cabal control with instead of clean energy that the cosmic universe gifted to the universe, the sun is a transformer and transmits the ‘breath of life’ to all dimensions, ‘in my father’s house there are many rooms’ dimentions, the disciples of Christ, 12 strnd dna the cabal do NOT have, they are not coded with the love and compassion in their genetics, and why the cabal love GMO, because they are jelous of Christianity, the Christ Consciousness, do you see what Christ came to teach. Thank you big brother in the sky, oh but he is also within each Christian heart. Jesus walking on water is the sun reflecting it’s love and light on the sea, remember, ‘I shall never leave you’ the shepherd is the son, the life giver to the cosmic universe, switch of your shepherd Tv, the cabal are not our controllers, they are not divine beings, but were the genetic manipulation of the annunaki rogu masters who are using them as debt slaves in the Fed Res and the Mil Ind complex, remember what Eisenhower said, he was made to sign the treaty , the Rothschilds made him for the technology, so the ETs went to China and Russia.

  2. God is a love frequency, a vibration, the light energy of the cosmos, planet earth, our home, resonates on the cosmic and universal frequency of love, we are here to learn in the flesh as did Jesus came to teach in the flesh and in the human form, cosmic love, compassion and spiritual wisdom, it is what the higher dimensions resonate on and where we can find the essence of Christ and the higher beings teachings, Jesus was a ET and came with the highest vibrational frequency in the known universe to tell us how great we are thru his divine energy, his persona of loeve, healing and to tell us to meditate and raise our awareness above the BS of the reptilian controlled earth, Nasa’s has a red tongue on it’s logo, what do you think it is, NASA,s way of disclosing why the Space program started after ww2, and what the Eisenhower say, why did they build CERN in a way that most people were not aware, it’s original purpose was not good, people found the true reason and it cannot have the cabals effect on humanity, ETs and creator not allow such things to happen. Remember why tv was invented as a world wide mind control thought processing maching, the cabal wanted their collective consciousness and the oneness, becareful of what you think, stay away from MSM BS, don’t let your children watch too much Tv and also know that the children of today come into the world with the consciouness on high frequency, they do NOT resonate on the lower, reptilian, frequencies so their energies cannot be manipulated as it has been throught history in the Church, schools that took hundreds of years to allow the massed to read to write because the elite were afraid of the human collective consciouness thought energy as way back in history before language was introduced to humans, humans could communicate with the higher being, but the cabal were afraid that the higher beings would tell humans that life is eternal.

  3. I think you’ve raised some good criticism, but I don’t think it’s ever as simple as any of us can say, philosophy teachers or not. To make my two cents a more generous donation, I do think that everything is one “thing”, which I take to be reality. I do think the bigger step you take back from it the more you are likely to want to call it “god”.

    There are more ways of expressing the idea that all is one than I can imagine, and yet more ways of interpreting whatever is said. There will always be holes in whatever you say and there will always be truth in it. I don’t believe in a mind-body split so to me all phenomena in consciousness are derived from reality by reality and so in some way or other reflect reality. Though no matter what is is it’s never the whole story, if there is a whole story.

    What about the brain in a vat? I am fond of the idea that reality is absolutely relative, the magic of it to me is that there is no fundamental way it is, only different perspectives, you can’t pin it down by saying it’s all one and that’s more important than it’s separateness. It’s all one and it’s all distinct, this reality might as well be the matrix, “you” don’t exist, you’re god, you’re infinitely powerful, you’re just a little guy on a lump of rock, you’re a beautiful individual and a total villain, you’re just a complex physical or chemical process…etc

    I don’t think will ever happen because I think if one wants to think about the universe as a Self then it makes as much sense as anything else to think that self indiscriminately digs war and peace equally, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has considered that.

    Relatively, and practically speaking I think you can talk about truth, and the author has. When it comes to a position about the ultimate what’s what I think it’s all willful insanity, all meaningless, and it’s all onto something. I’m willing to say reality doesn’t boil down to any formula of any kind. Contradicting yourself makes sense if you think the truth is a paradox.

    There is strong pressure on us to have an opinion, we’re all tangled up in the drama of the world with all it’s burning issues, so me coming on here and saying that it’s all nonsense is likely going to be met with derision and holes are bound to be found in it. Aren’t I a biased human being too? Sure. If you don’t like thinking like this that’s fine.

  4. Thanks Joseph,
    Very well thought out and written article.

    The problem with oneness, is, how far does it go in terms of other living organisms? What would a persons responsibilities to the knowledge of having encountered such oneness be? Say you are having a oneness experience, then are you due to rescue all the suffering beings from that suffering, how could that even be done without some sort of super miracle powers? The Lotus Sutra, and some others, claim that Buddha has some of those powers (Actually some sutras claim Buddha has all those powers), but we still see the common sufferings among various beings associated with the struggles of day to day life.

  5. From my experience, oneness is not a philosohpical concept or something that has to follow logic in any way. You either experience it or not. Theres no point trying to grasp it with thinking. While you experience it it has very big impact on how you act. During the times you don’t experience it you may talk and think about it all you want but it’s not a reality.

  6. oneness is real. when you merge with the beloved realizing you are a creation of the divine like everyone and everything else, a feeling of joy and bliss over come you, it is hard to explain with words. but learning how vibrations work and how we pull or push or create things into our life might help. check for the film vibrational universe, i saw it online for free its like a slide show. great insight. i love you brother, you may not know me yet, but i see your face in all directions.

    when we generate vibrations of pureness, oneness, right nowness…we learn to flow with the moments as they transition instead of thinking what to create next or desire. when we become obsessed with nature,which is probably the only thing worth getting obsessed about, or you could call it God or the Universe the existence of all….that’s what you should admire because no matter what you have or do not have it will be an abundance of all that is.

    spend time in nature and feel gratitude for what you see hear feel touch….generate the energy you wish to sweep into your life. its all in you and it’s every breath…right now <3

    peace and love to you. xoxo katie

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  8. I’m afraid that ACIM is just as bad, if not worse, than most of the mainstream New Age tripe. I’m quite familiar with it as well as off-shoots produced by people like Gary Renard and it contains just as many contradictions, just as many appeals to authority, and just as much of an emphasis on submission as anything else in this category. In fact it comes out of the gate as if it’s intent on pounding it into you-“This is a required course.”

    In one chapter you’re told to say, “God is nowhere-the material world is a lie” and in another you’re supposed to acknowledge God in everything, even objects like a coat hanger.

    That’s not the truth. It’s willful insanity induced via cognitive dissonance. It’s a destructive philosophy through and through when it’s followed to a tee.

    Oneness is an interesting concept, but the conclusions people draw are heavily reliant on human value judgements and it simply can’t account for all the complexities of life without reducing language to near meaninglessness.

  9. Dear Joseph Waligore, I have read a few of your writings and I hope you will look into A Course In Miracles. All your studying
    needs to be rewarded with the Truth of all that is. Your critique
    on All is One will be seen from the opposite perspective if you
    give ACIM a chance. I consider Kenneth Wapnick to be the best teacher; a quick overview can be found on his website – I speak from having experienced the highest spiritual state for their is only one universal experience of the
    Truth. God Is
    Peace & Bliss Patricia

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